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Work In Progress - Butterfields Sculpture Project (Summer 2004)

Welcome to the gallery & diary room displaying information and images of the Butterfields Sculpture Project.  The project is in association with Croudace Ltd and commissioned by The Borough of Wellingborough Council.


Diary dates added so far (click on the dates to go straight to news for that date):

Date Added Description
June 12th 2004 Introduction and overview of sculpture designs
July 10th 2004 First stage of the sculptures
July 17th 2004 The Ladybird has landed
July 28th 2004 As seen on Anglia TV
August 25th 2004 Sightings of a giant Stag Beetle
September 9th 2004 More from the Crazy Gang and friends
October 10th 2004 The Grasshopper & Dragonfly are out to play
November 9th 2004 Butterfields Open Day

June 12th 2004

First of all Spirits of Wood.com would like to thank those residents who made the time to come and visit us at the Residents' Meeting on Saturday 29th May 2004.   We hoped you found the meeting both interesting and useful.  Some of you had lots of questions and if you feel you still have lots more, please feel free to contact us or come visit Woodpecker Studios for an informal chat.

For those of you who were not able to attend, don't feel that you have been left out.  We've put together a leaflet that was handed out during the Residents' meeting detailing information such as timelines, on-site workshops and health and safety issues.  Click here to download a PDF file of the leaflet or contact us and we will be happy to send you a hard copy. 

The gallery below shows the initial proposed designs, click on each link to give you an idea of what the sculptures will look like and where they will be installed.

July 10th 2004

The great news is that we have had the go ahead to start the carvings.  So here's the story so far. 

We've managed to secure some timber from Irchester Country Park for some of the sculptures.  While we were over there inspecting some of the timber, we found some visitors and couldn't really start any work until the young chicks had fledged.

Work has already commenced and the first sculpture of the ladybird has been carved at Irchester Country Park.  If you have an opportunity, why not drop by to say hello to us?  The Park is a great place for walks and a bit of nature spotting.

Please be careful and make sure you secure your car or vehicle and ensure you don't leave valuable items in full view.  We had an unfortunate incident where we nearly lost our Spirits Of Wood.com truck, so take extra care!

When you come to visit why not also say hello to Daryl and Steve who owns the food van?  They have been very kind to me and have been donating cups of tea to keep my energy levels up with all the hard work from the carvings.

The carved ladybird has now been transported to Butterfields with the help of our haulier friend, Rob Master.  It has made room for more BIG logs to be dumped at Irchester Country Park for more carvings to continue.

We'll leave you now to look at some of the photos we have taken over the recent weeks.  Make sure you come back for more up-to-date news.

July 17th 2004

The giant Ladybird has now landed in Butterfields and will be staying put for a while.  It now looks great with a coat of paint and varnish.  Please say hello to the crazy gang (Hayley, Joe, Cameron & Ashton) who all thought the Ladybird was 'wicked'!.

July 31st 2004

What a busy few weeks its been!  Not only that but the weather has been incredible.  One day its been scorching and the other it pours.  But that hasn't stopped us.  View the gallery to see what we've been up to.

We had a visit from our local Anglia Television reporting of 'sightings of Super Bugs!' at Irchester Country Park.

Our second sculpture carving was the giant wasp, and as you can see the kids have been having a great time playing with it.  The giant wasp sculpture will remain at Irchester Country Park for a few weeks, so if you want a sneak preview, why not come by and visit us ?

We have already made a start on the next giant bug.  Take a look to see if you recognise it ? Don't worry if you can't guess, all will be revealed in the next few weeks.

That's all from us for now, hope to see you soon with more up-to-date news.

August 25th 2004

Its been a few weeks since we've updated you with our progress, so we wish to welcome you back.  I'm sure as you all agree, the weather's been causing havoc everywhere including Irchester Country Park.

The big bug we started on as pictured in the above gallery has been put on hold.  So unfortunately you will have to wait a little longer to find out what it is.

In the meantime we've had Anglia Television filming us again and completion of another big bug, the stag beetle.  We hope to be transporting both the giant wasp and stag beetle to Butterfields in the next week or so.

We've also been busy preparing for the Bank Holiday.  Spirits of Wood.com will be exhibiting at the Earls Barton Rally at the week-end, so if you fancy some fun, why not come visit us there?

Take a look at some more pictures and we hope to see you soon for more updates.

September 9th 2004

We had a very busy week-end at the Earls Barton Rally and it was very nice to see some of you there.  For more gallery coverage of the Earls Barton Rally 2004 and to see what we were up to, click here.

As some of you may well have noticed, the Giant Wasp and the Giant Stag Beetle have now been re-united with the Giant Ladybird.  The crazy gang was at Butterfields ready to greet us together with some new faces.  Please say hello to Jaisal and Matthew.

We are looking forward to you visiting us back for the next update.

October 10th 2004

Welcome back and thank you for visiting us for more updates of the project.

After a challenging summer with very unpredictable weathers, we are very pleased to announce that all the big bug sculptures (apart from the dragonfly wings) has been now completed and transported to Butterfields. So be sure to watch this space for more news of the dragonfly's wings.

Take a look at the following picture gallery.

November 9th 2004

Spirits Of Wood.com would like to take this opportunity to thank the Borough Council of Wellingborough for commissioning this project.  It has been such great fun working on the sculptures but even more fun meeting the residents and other people along the way.  Also a big thank you to Irchester Country Park for letting us do the carvings there.

"To Dick, Thank you for helping me make the bird box, I would be interested in doing more work with you.  Kayleigh, Butterfields"

"To Dick, Thanks for making the bugs.  They are great and fun to play on & thank you for the stick you gave me and the chopping board for my Dad.  From Joe O'Nions (one of the crazy gang)"

As you all know we held an Open Day on Sunday 7th November for the official completion of the project.  The event was opened by the deputy Mayor with a speech and the unveiling of the  park name.

"To Dick, I love the insects.  I had lots of fun with you putting the cement down.  Thank you for everything.  From Hayley O'Nions (from the crazy gang)""

Little Matthew was the winner of the "naming of the park" competition who came up with the much appropriate name of "A BUG ADVENTURE".  Little Mathew was awarded with a small stag beetle wood carving.

"To Dick, I had a super time planting bulbs and I made  a Robins bird box.  Thankyou. And thankyou for the insects. Michaela Patel"

You all took part in workshops that was organised by the Borough Council of Wellingborough and ourselves.  These were bulb planting and bird / bat box making.  We hope you enjoyed yourselves and all learned something useful.  Watch out for the daffodils to flower in the Spring and be sure to look after them well.

Take a look at the following picture gallery to round off the completion of the project.  Once again THANK YOU for visiting and be sure to visit us again very soon for more news of future projects.

  "To Dick, Thank you for making all of the sculptures.  We are very proud of them and think that they are fantastic and we hope you come back and check how they are doing.  Yours thankfully, The Crazy Gang"

"To Dick, It was lovely to come and see your exhibition.  Keep up the good work.  Very enjoyable.  Thank you.  Hope to hear or see you soon.  Mrs. Aldridge, Butterfields"

"To Dick, Many thanks for the invite to your Bugs Adventure Park opening.  The sculptures are brilliant and adds beauty to the area and lots of pleasure for the children in the area for many years. M Foster CCA"

"The work is fabulous.  CCA"

"To Dick, Congratulations on your wonderful sculptures.  I hope they can be enjoyed here and in many other places.  Canon Michael Webber, Rural Dean of Wellingborough"

"To Dick, ...  its fires and inspires the imagination.  Mark & Sophie Houvman"

"To Dick, Thank you for creating these wonderful  sculptures and providing a magnificent play area for the local children.  Jeff, Cheryl & Matthew Berkshire"

"To Dick, Thank you for all your hard work in designing the lovely carvings for this project.  May they all be loved & cherished by the yound people in this community.  Hope the young people involved today will learn and keep their environment clean & safe.  Roger & Carol Berch"

"To Dick, Thanks!  I had a super time planting the bulbs & building a 'Bat' house.  Good luck for the future. Thank you.  Dhinisa, Butterfields."

Dick, Well done on the great work.  The sculptures look fantastic.  A great pleasure to work and do business with.  Lai Pin, DP Imaging"



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Sunday 7th Nov 04
Hope residents and guests enjoyed the afternoon.  Thank you all for attending.

Click here to view photos from the day


Well done to little Matthew for winning the naming of the park competition.

The prize - A stag beetle carving.


" You're Never Plough a Field by Turning it Over in your Mind "


As Seen on TV


Completed Sculptures

The Ladybird

The Wasp

The Stag Beetle

The Grasshopper

The Dragonfly


" Praise the Ripe Field not the Green Corn"

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